Pivot Point

I’m having a very distracted type of day, coming off of a three-day weekend with Matt. On Saturday we drove to Salem, OH (approx. 4 hours away) to collect a 50″ plasma TV, wooden entertainment stand, and two boxes of my father’s from my grandparent’s newly emptied home.

I hadn’t seen or spoken to Matt in two days (even though we live together) due to our work schedules. When I saw him on Friday night we stayed up late, talking and laughing until 4:30 am. This made our Saturday road trip a bit more challenging, but it was still fun. We listened to This American Life, a road trip must, and some other music along the way. We didn’t get home until 10:30 pm; our buzz from our long-distance accomplishment kept us up late again.

Matt took Monday off, and we were able to get rid of a lot of our possessions via Salvation Army and the local library.

We still haven’t carved our pumpkins. Maybe we can do that tonight, after I get back from drinks with my sister Wendy.

I took Matt to the cemetery in Salem where my dad, grandma, and grandpa (soon to be) are buried. He likes the town, and we agreed to visit every-so-often as the years go by. It was a nice balance, saying goodbye to the past with the person who will hopefully help me build my future family.

There is a pivot point in life where you come to terms with the way things were; you get over what you disliked about your childhood or how your parents raised you, the disappointments you’ve faced, and accept them for what they are in order to build something new in your OWN image. You then focus on what you want out of life, how you would raise your own children, and unlike the years of childhood dreams, you actually make it happen.

So far, I like grad school. I’m happy with my new-found free time. I like studying, and going to Roger Monk’s to make a little money on the side and helping Erik out. I like my weekends with Matt, and time with friends when I can. Overall, life is getting better.

I also like my guinea pig time. I haven’t talked much about them, but I will soon. Until then, here’s a picture of the first piggies I adopted (Miss Phil “Collins” on the left-still alive, Miss Keith “Olbermann/Richards” on the right- RIP 8/24/13).





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